Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Windows or Mac?

 Well, the title clearly tells it all. You know what we're going to discuss in today's post - is it going to be Windows, or Mac? Microsoft or Apple?

For me personally, when I started this blog, I was a windows geek. But I never really enjoyed using that operating system because of the many issues that tend to come along with it. Some of them being viruses, frozen screens, ugly UI, etc. I used a nicely configured Windows PC for my entire stint at college, and then some time after graduation as well, while I was working at Bengaluru. I bought a laptop from Dell at the time and then switched to that, after disassembling my PC for office use.  

 Eventually, I sold my Dell Laptop and picked up my brother's new Macbook. That was quite an interesting story about how that happened. So my brother's previous Macbook (he had the original white Macbook) was getting a bit slow. And the box in which the Macbook came claimed that the laptop could accommodate 8GB of RAM. (2 slots of 4 GB each). But when we did try to upgrade the RAM on the Macbook, we realized there was only a single port for the RAM sticks. So obviously a huge screw up on Apple's side. So we rang the call centre / helpline number, which redirected to a call center agent in Russia! Really cool guy - and although it took almost 10 hours of staying on the phone line (my bro actually did it) the dude picks up and says - I'll give you a new Mac and we're very sorry you had to go through this trouble. Sweet! 

So I picked up the new Mac once it came, and my brother switched to an Air. Just loved the entire experience of using a Mac- through and through. Just navigating the OS was a pleasurable activity. Steve Jobs - my, my, my. I was mesmerized by the quality of the product he created. My respect for him really grew multiple fold. Obviously, I never switched to Windows ever again, until I wanted to play AOE Age of Conquerors again, after so so long. It's quite strange - my father was a Windows man for many, many years (right from the MS DOS days ~1993?). He was an expert in repairing computer problems and geeked himself out on setting up a PC from scratch. He bought his first PC and assembled it himself when he sailed back to India from the US in the early nineties. I wonder if he every used a Mac sometime, and would he have bought one? 

Anyway, long story short, I'm a mac man! haha! I also wanted to drop a few links today with this post so you guys can pick up what's ticking on the internet. (call it the Ringtonic syndrome :P)

I did pick these babies up first on the Ringtonic website.. He's got some pretty cool new posts and he seems to be back at his blogging best these days - so many new posts!

Here are some nice ones I enjoyed. Goan sunsets! Now that Mr Ringtonic mentions it - I freaking miss Goa too! Ah, it's so cold here in Bangalore - we just had one of the coldest nights of the year last night. Compare this with Goa - where the weather is sunny, warm and humid - but not too hot (like Chennai :P).


I've had some really wild times in Goa and some really enlightening ones too. I wouldn't trade those days for anything in the world. I wonder when I will make the next trip back there. Perhaps this time the trip would be a bit different, it has been many years since I last went to Anjuna, and I have matured a bit (I think). May be I should explore Goa - but a different side of Goa, through a different lens and a different kind of perspective. Interesting....

Hope you enjoyed the links! 

PS are you a PC person or a Mac head? Let me know in the comments!

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