Saturday, February 20, 2021

Next book review: The art of the start by Guy Kawasaki

 So I have tried to restart my reading habit off late. I'm trying to improve my understanding of startups and entrepreneurship through reading. One interesting book I came across recently was "The Art Of The Start" by Guy Kawasaki. 

the art of the start book review

I do have immense respect for Guy Kawasaki because he was one of the early employees at Apple (a copywriter!) and currently invests in tech companies as a Venture Capitalist. Just being a part of the early team at Apple and having had the opportunity to have worked alongside Steve Jobs would have been incredible! I can barely imagine the kind of entrepreneurial insights this man might have. SO there you have it, that's my next book review, when I do complete reading it, I will come back here and link this post out to the actual book review.

For now, bringing you a *few* links for you to look through, and this is the Techmechanic, signing out.

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